Sourcing & Manufacturing

Experience, professionalism and integrity have earned Dream Works its reputation as a leading Apparel and Home Textiles sourcing company. Through a growing network of suppliers .. , we strive to find quality-conscious, cost-effective manufacturers to match the production needs of customers .

Our sourcing business covers a wide range of consumer products, from softgoods (garments and apparel) to hardgoods (non-apparel products including sporting goods & footwear). With our comprehensive product design and development capabilities, Vertical Source provides customers with the highest standards of service by taking a project all the way from concept to completion.

Dream Sourcing matrix of factories offers complete level of comfort to our customers. Each factory is evaluated based on its strong level of quality and professionalism. Dream Sourcing utilizes local staff to personally supervise activity on the manufacturing floor to ensure all aspects of Quality Control Compliance.

Supplier Identification :

Dream works can identify new suppliers based on their Product range, Financial status, Infrastructure, Man power, Inhouse Quality management system, Factory audit/ Social Compliance audit . We continuously update our information on new manufacturers and new products. Information pertaining to new varieties of value additions, fabric, accessories, new technology all related areas.


Merchandiser plays the vital role in our company

The involvement of the Merchandiser in our company is as below:

  • Understanding Sample Order
  • Merchandiser understands the buyer's requirements based on the specification mentioned in the sample order.. And works accordingly, and coordinates between the buyer and the factory, to dispatch the order ontime with right quality.
  • To Maintain the correct quality the merchandiser coordinate with the production/quality /accessories department and starts with the PREPRODUCTION MEETING. Where all the complications of the styles are discussed and clarified to everybody, and this meeting also makes everybody responsible for their part.
  • To Obtain Ontime communication,coordination and Ontime delivery The merchandiser starts with the Action calendar on the day of the ordersheet received, where all the actions are planned to achieve the delivery date.
  • The Action calendar is updated every week and sent to the buyer, so that It is very clear on the status of the order. And the merchandiser further acts accordingly.
  • The Merchandisers responsibility is to keep an eye on the order until is the received by the buyer. And also responsible to send the needful samples to the buyer according to the need, and further proceed with the comments given by the buyer. In other words, the merchandiser takes the lead as the owner of the particular order, and acts accordingly in all ways, to dispatch the order as required by the customer.

Social Complaince

Dream Works Apparel & Dream Sourcing has a zero-tolerance policy for any violation or abuse of human rights, child-labor laws and factory safety standards. Dream Sourcing has a passion for detail, quality, service and the ethical conduct for commerce.